May 26, 2019

On a Floral Note

During this most English of months when The Chelsea Flower show is in full bloom, is when I miss our beautiful shops in London the most. Where we furnished our tiny front garden with plants and flowers and celebrated our birthday with a party.



Much thought went into making our garden with the help of garden designer
Sophie Strutt who can be found here:



With a car load of plants, an instant garden was made.



Here I am arranging the garden according to Sophie's plans.



Our Gardens were much admired by passers by...


And we celebrated the Englishness of May in London.



Flowers have always been a central theme in the life of Cabbages & Roses, and we have often been recruited to decorate a wedding car or two.



And of course flowers feature in all of our books such as



the cover of our last book 'Living Life Beautifully" and in our office



When we open our new shop, flowers of course will be a mainstay - more of which later......