Social responsibility

Led by our forward-thinking founder Christina, at Cabbages & Roses we have always been mindful of our responsibility to create sustainably, the principle of doing as little harm as possible – and ideally none at all – interwoven into the very tapestry of our existence.

Acutely conscious of the fact that the global fashion and textile industry is the second only to oil as the most polluting and damaging in the world, we decided to make it official: in 2017, we launched our first social responsibility programme.

A deep cognisance of our choices and the impact they have on our environment and the people we work with runs through everything we make. Building on the ethical values that define Cabbages & Roses, it is of heartfelt importance to us that we should create and instil a culture that not only produces beautiful clothing, but also respects our people and our planet.

We are in the nascent stages of building a programme to ensure that the environment and human welfare sit at the core of our company values, a thread that runs from our supplier relationships to our company culture to our broader business ethics.

Complying with minimum requirements is not enough. We pledge to build on this each year.

Our Core Focus

We are a disposable plastic-free company.

We are launching of a series of tools to enable our business to become ever more transparent.

The fabrics we use are zero waste, using offcuts for sampling, collaborations, and charity. We do not throw a scrap of fabric away.

We work with skilled and talented people. We know the name of everyone who makes something for us and we know that they are paid a fair wage and work in safe and pleasant working conditions.

We try to source responsibly and strive to do better with each collection, the most important thing to us is that we manufacture things to last, to be passed along generations and to friends, not to be thrown away or discarded.

We make in limited quantities and nothing we make is disposed of or sent to landfill.

If your favourite coat needs to be repaired, whether it is 1 year old or 20 years old, we will send you replacement buttons and help you to fix it. Just get in touch.

The most important thing to Cabbages & Roses is that we operate our business in the kindest manner possible, support wonderful craftsmanship and skills, respect those we work with and create things that should be cherished for generations to come.

We are a National Living Wage employer, an arrangement formalised in early 2018 but embedded in our ethos from our very beginnings.

We work exclusively with suppliers who have signed and adhere to our supplier code of conduct.