July 14, 2019

Hatley Rose

Sometime during the summer of 1999, 20 years ago, I was sitting in my small office looking at a sample of Cabbages & Roses first and only fabric, Bees. A deliciously faded, old fashioned floral pattern taken from my dearest friend Brigette Buchanan's old aunt's ancient quilt.



Then a eureka moment - gazing at the central floral posies - I saw them in mono colour  - first cerise, then a perfect blue, a pale pink and on and on it went. Thus Hatley was born. It was named after Louise Hatley who brilliantly and kindly lead us through the difficulties (and there are many) of inventing a design and printing a fabric. It has been a constant in the life of Cabbages & Roses and continues to be a best seller nearly 20 years later.



It has become wallpaper, bed linen, cushions, wash bags, curtains and blinds, mugs, tablecloths and napkins, sofa covers, skirts and dresses and pyjamas. Many thousands of metres have been printed and sold, and yet it is still a joy.


Depending on the colour, it takes on a completely different persona in every situation it is used.



It has a gentle personality, the sort of friend you would invite to any sort of gathering, knowing it would fit in perfectly, making a statement but without shouting.



Cool and collected, handsome and elegant.



Pretty without being twee.



Beloved by interior designers, here used by Veere Grenney Associates



and campers


From our first book Vintage Chic published by Cico Books



It has been much photographed by the press, and stars
in several Cabbages & Roses publications.



The cover of our latest book Living Life Beautifully published by Cico Books 
and available here



Once we made towels, sadly no longer available



though we still make wallpaper



We also made bed linen, which though currently unavailable,
might well be re-invented in the not too distant future.



We print all our fabrics to order and it is also possible to print wide width
wallpaper in any of our designs. Please contact us for further information.
Thank you for reading.  xx