May 20, 2014

Behind the scenes with Katy Lawrence

We are so pleased to introduce Cabbages & Roses muse, photographer and filmmaker Katy Lawrence. She is the exceptional talent behind our fashion films and most recently, the Summer 2014 shoot (out soon). Katy's photos use natural light, with no added nips and tucks to the finished product. Her use of  film photography, rather than digital, creates beautifully authentic photos with a warm vintage feel.

The Summer '14 shoot took place in the garden and woodlands surrounding Christina’s converted farm house in Bath. Inspired by white linens and English summers; Katy captured the carefree feeling of summer-bliss against the backdrop of wisteria, willow trees and woodland.

After the shoot I took the opportunity to talk to Katy about her personal style and inspirations. In this short interview, Katy shares a selection of her favourite photos and style tips. All photos are by Katy Lawrence, unless stated otherwise.


Hello Katy! Firstly, thank you for letting me pick your brain. Your personal taste falls wonderfully in line with the Cabbages & Roses style, and I couldn't be more excited for you to share your photographs and inspirations with us. 

We first met you in 2010 when you produced the first Cabbages & Roses film. What inspired you to be a  photographer / filmmaker ?

With the growth of social media I started to notice these beautiful fashion films that people were making. I remember watching them and thinking ‘I want to do that’ but I had absolutely no idea how. So I just took my best friend to Cornwall, put her in my favourite Cabbages dress, gave her some balloons and filmed her with a really simple little digital camera. I sent it off to Cabbages just to tell you how much I love your company thinking nothing would come of it and then you asked me to do a film which lead to other films which lead to this photo shoot. To this day I’m still a bit hopeless- I have absolutely no technical ability; I rely heavily on sunlight and I follow my instinct of what looks good within the frame.

Who is your absolute favourite photographer of all time?

It would have to be Tim Walker. I could sit and look at his pictures for hours. They are so witty and eccentric and so wonderfully British. I love so many of his photographs, but the Vogue shoot in India with Lily Cole is my all time favourite. 


Where would we find you on a lazy summer Sunday?