June 02, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Summer '15 Shoot

 Cabbages & Roses Summer 2015 shot by Hill & Aubrey


Cabbages & Roses Summer 2015 shoot took place on the warmest day of the year so far, in a beautiful London park. The sun beat down on us, so much so that you'd think we would have taken shade under one of the big oak trees. However, excitement of it being the first hot day of the year took over and we could all be seen sprawled across a large picnic blanket, soaking the sun up as if our lives depended on it (in between shots, of course).


 Picnic & Sunbathing 


Photographers Hill & Aubrey brought a long a faithful assistant, in the form of Monty, the dog.



  Our model for the day was the gorgeous Riley Hillyer (Follow her on Instagram here, or read our interview with her here). Her beachy blonde hair, delicate tattoos and effortless style worked perfectly with the cool linens, floaty dresses and structured co-ords of this season. We loved seeing some of the more feminine pieces on a edgier, grungier model than usual!



 Shading themselves from the sun, photographers Hill & Aubrey fashioned home-made bandannas out of odd C&R fabric cuttings. Perhaps they have started a new trend!


 Homemade Bandanas 


 Hang on! Who copied who's look...?..



 Getting ready for the shoot early in the morning, it became apparent quite quickly that we weren't all dressed appropriately for the warmest day of the year...



 Hair and Makeup before the shoot


 A quick outfit change into cool flowing linens, and we were on our way..



Cool White Linens for walking around the City 


To view the final photos, have a look at the Summer 2015 lookbook here. And now for a few more behind the scenes photos of the day..


The Striped Lavinia Dress 


Jumping down from the fallen tree captured the moment in the Eliza Coat beautifully

The Rosemary Dress 


The Blue Amos Dress 


We hope you love the new collection as much as we do!

Christabel x