January 09, 2016

A Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak of SS17


One of the best moments of our working year is when we finally see a collection together - in all it's marvelous glory.

It is a brief moment - before all the samples scatter across London, to press, to factories and finally to our archives. 



It is the end of a year long process.


Often what samples arrive are not quite what we planned 12 months ago


Many difficult decisions are made, samples tweaked, styles taken away and then reinstated



Lots of time is spent at the printers getting the tension on the screens just right and the colour just so



Ensuring each fabric and texture makes a wonderful story as a whole



So here we are



Very excited to show you our new collection for the summer months



Waiting for the deliveries to start flooding in



So that we can finally wear the pieces we have been coveting these past few months



Pinks, blues and crisp whites



Some special treats



And C&R designed prints









Wardrobe staples



xx C&R xx