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Ditzy Dove on White Linen

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Measurements & Product Care
Printed to order by the metre. Please contact us to order.

£97.00 per metre

The gentle brushstrokes of Ditzy Dove loose and painterly floral motif, printed onto white linen, are exquisite in their fragility, echoing the poignant ephemerality of spring sweetest flowers. Temperate and soothing, the faded charm of this print makes it particularly suited to more bucolic settings; use it to lend the vaguest hint of colour and texture to a white-washed room, or alternatively layer it in with bolder florals in our collection, such as Hatley French Blue or Hatley Raspberry, both printed on white linen. Linen will vary from batch to batch. We would recommend ordering a current swatch or contact us for a batch cutting prior to ordering. Please note that it takes approximately 7-10 days from confirmation of order to dispatch.

More Details
  • Colour Dove
  • Usable Width: 137 cm
  • Vertical repeat: 22.7 cm
  • Pattern Repeat: Half Drop
  • Composition: 100% linen
Measurements & Product Care

Ditzy Dove on White Linen

Fit + Care

  • Cabbages & Roses fabrics are all printed to order in England. Our timeless fabrics are all pigment printed on to natural linen and go through several processes to ensure that it is soft and generous in its texture.
  • This fabric is made from 100% linen. Due to the nature of linen harvests, the colour can slightly change from year to year. Please be sure to order a swatch before ordering fabric.
  • We recommend dry clean for our linen, if you must, with an ecologically friendly dry cleaner. Press with a warm iron. Please do not bleach or tumble dry C&R Fabric.