June 21, 2020

When Shall We Six Meet Again? How to get Married In Lockdown

In our Government's infinite wisdom, the lockdown rules have been relaxed, 
even though we are nowhere near having an efficient test and track system, 
cases and deaths related to Covid 19 still grow. 

However, they and I, in an optimistic spirit, believe that the majority of the 
population will continue to only meet outside with social distance between them, 
continue our hand washing routines and being 'alert' will prevail.



Something that saddens me is the weddings that did not occur and perhaps never will, in the way that we became used to, but actually I think that this might be the best thing that can happen to a couple to whom being joined in holy matrimony is more important than gathering 300 people together to eat and drink to excess with even modest weddings costing £39,000 upwards.




Not to mention Hen and Stag parties. In 2019 almost 50% of flights by men and 33% by women from the Uk were to destinations abroad where pre-marital parties were to be held. Now no more.


A small silver lining to a pandemic that has caused havoc to millions.
Hoorah for the environment, and hoorah for the bank balances of those invited.


The hedonistic days of yore are over, and beauty, simplicity and kindness to every living thing is the new normal.




How to Socially Distance Yourself


Now that (I think I have got this right) each household can meet another household in the open and enjoy a feast in the garden/park/lay-by/beach. Weddings, graduation parties, funeral thanksgivings and birthday parties can be held somewhere outside, with 2 metre distance between all.  


So, lets plan a new normal wedding......


Currently, you can get married outdoors in England, as long as it takes place under a fixed structure. Unfortunately said structure needs to be licensed and entering anything with a roof that is not home or Waitrose is illegal. So Perhaps consider getting your local council to licence an area beneath a tree in your local park or your garden, for the sake of romance and the new normal.




Find a suitable tree to act as your 'fixed structure' underneath which you can marry.


Make friends with a Priest/Registrar/Holy person to perform the ceremony.







Choose a coat if the weather is inclement. This Emmy coat is made from the palest pink denim. 




Then choose a frock......



The Cathy dress worn by the beautiful Belle Daughtry
Perfect wedding dress for in the park


The wife/husband (to be) and the husband/wife (to be) invite six (or is it five?) people each.


 This is presuming the said couple do not live together. 


Brief invitees to bring their own champagne, nibbles, lunch, cake, confetti 
(natural petals of course), glass, knife, fork, plate, napkin, water, hand gel, umbrella and 2m square blanket or tablecloth.




Send 2 meters of fabric to each invitee with the invitation hand written on it, this will help with social distancing and make rather fetching wedding party flooring and picnic rug.


Grow, pick or buy a great deal of flowers, wild, cultivated or dried.




Make a head-dress from wild daisies and pop some in your pocket.




New normal weddings are no more exempt from bad weather than those costing many thousands of £'s so a large umbrella, a warm cardigan and perhaps a waterproof garment would be sensible.




This is exactly how I would like to get married in the strangest year we will ever have seen.


May the sun shine on all the brides who get married under trees across the world.


xx christina xx