May 05, 2019

Parties & Things

I live in dread. In dread of being invited to a party. But much, much worse than an expensive envelope containing a thick card invitation plopping onto the doorstep, is the absence of an invitation. I believe this phenomenon is now known as FOMO (fear of missing out). But I suffer from both FOMO and DBITIWBVHIIWN (dreading being invited though I would be very hurt if I was not). So, time to grow up and face the fact that more often than not, I have a lovely time at a party (mostly).


The question, of course, is what to wear to a wedding, a birthday bash, a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, an opening, a closing, a launch, a lunch, a preview, a wake, a christening, a graduation, a premiere and on and on it goes.......


So, a little planning goes a long way and here I share my journey to one of the best parties I have been to, for a very long time. Coinciding with the delivery of a perfect pink dress and with the help of my erst while assistant, Violet Dent, we set about deciding what on earth to wear.


Pink Brocade Louisa Dress


Louisa was definitely a contender, though my unsightly arms needed to be
encased in fabric, so.....


Lexirose Dress in Pink Brocade


I tried Lexirose. It ticked all the boxes. Demure but not frumpy. Long, but not too long.  Arms hidden, neck disguised, tummy swathed and hopefully invisible. Just enough detail. Frankly I thought it was wonderful. Violet agreed (sort of). Then.


Lexirose Dress in Pink Brocade





What to do with unruly hair. Tie it up in a giant ribbon?



Hide it in a hat? Maybe this one?





This one? Too much?


Or perhaps


A scrunchy? Then what if it is chilly??? I thought this



Darling green Freya sweater, with


Green Converse All Stars




Yellow Grace Cardigan




This divine yellow cardigan with these?




As it was, I wore my old blue Converse, in which I am always comfortable.



 Of course any of these cardigans would suite the purpose of keeping warm and looking charming.




Sometimes two is better than one.



..... and always a cashmere cardigan casually thrown about the shoulders. It was very warm so I had no need for knitwear but better safe than cold.


The party was a huge success and I found some things to talk about, I saw old friends, and laughed a lot. The hostess was beautiful and happy so all in all I was glad to receive the heavy white envelope and grateful that I still have some friends who are lovely enough to coax me out of my tiny solitary, anti social life.


It helps to have a lovely frock to wear though.



Yes, they were both for me. 


Until next time...