September 20, 2018

A Winter's Tale






As designers, producers and retailers, Cabbages & Roses are in charge of what we make. There are no merchandisers, and no ‘grown ups’ - nobody telling us that we need to be more commercial. We are not profit oriented, nor materialistic, we just want to make beautiful things that will last a lifetime and be as appreciated twenty years later than on the day they were bought. There is nothing in producing things to sell that does not have an impact on the globe, apart from, as far as I can see, growing trees and vegetables. But then we need to look beautiful and wear beautiful clothes. So what must be done is to buy fewer, better clothes that will not end up in land fill, and that will be passed down to the generations, and that will continue to give pleasure for as long as possible. The older, the better a C&R piece will look.




There is a great deal in the press on the overwhelming damage caused just by growing cotton, farming sheep, manufacturing polyester – the list goes on.  So whilst we re-group and work on banning plastic from our lives, and making sure that all our packaging can be re-cycled and making as little impact on the world as possible as we peddle our wares, we have produced our latest collection of clothes that we love. Each piece - made in limited numbers, in little factories in England and Scotland – each piece made to last through season after season – special pieces that we have loved making and that we hope you will love wearing. And of course, each piece is E.B.U (extraordinary, beautiful, unique)  because if it is not, it will not be in the collection.




Here is a little taste of what is to come: beautiful Cabbages & Roses velvet, ravishing lacey frocks, hearty Scottish tartan, and charming cactus prints. Free spirited, utterly different and exquisitely unique.




Hats and knits and frocks, bows and all you will need for a cosy autumn and wonderful winter.




Buy less, choose well.