October 27, 2017

A Note from Christina - Classic Re-invented

Annabella Velvet Collared Coat in Brown Boucle Tweed


CLASSIC  1.1 (of a garment or design) of a simple, elegant style not greatly subject to changes in fashion


Oxford Dictionary.


How to think up 250 different ideas a year, whilst not loosing your identity.    


250 completely new, never-done-before wearable, beautiful, perfect, pieces.   


Pieces that won’t scare new customers, that won’t bore old customers, that won’t alienate us from the young/the old/the indifferent/the husbands/the boyfriends….



How to intrigue? How to flatter? How to inspire?
Well, the answer is – I have no idea.     
I pick up a pencil, gather Mrs Dent to my side and we draw pictures of clothes that we would like to wear.
We are doing nothing that has not been done before, we are, in a way, re-inventing classics.      
After all, most clothes are made to be practical, to avoid being naked, to look, well, nice.    
To look better than your peers.
To be complimented, to feel good.
Clothes that are so intrinsically classic, that they will never be ‘out of fashion’, will never be dull and will not contribute to landfill until the last threads can no longer hold on to each other.
Our clothes are sometimes re-cycled on E Bay and we see that often people sell Cabbages & Roses clothing for more than they bought them for – good old Ebay.




 Here is a coat which will shortly be available to buy. It is made from beautiful British Tweed in heavenly hues of pink.     
It is a classic coat which will look beautiful for many years to come, on you, your daughter, your mother. Although it is just a coat we feel it is ageless, traditional, enduring –  a classic coat.



And here is another one. Just a coat with sleeves and buttons.    
But it is undoubtedly a Cabbages & Roses coat, made from a beautiful pale pink velvet, in a lovely swing-y A line shape. 
Safe, charming, a bit unusual and a bit classic.



Same coat in a marvelous loud check. There is no point in not being noticed.

It is brave, eye catching, fun and definitely a classic.


Our traditional classic Shetland sweater, brought into the 21st century unchanged – a very British, enduring and  Practical piece.  



A classic riding jacket - a mainstay of Cabbages & Roses collections.
With a touch of exaggerated humour – take a garment at home on the back of a horse and put it into a very different environment – the city.
And there you have it Classics re-invented. 
xx Christina xx