May 21, 2020

A Mitfordian List of Love and Hate

A while ago I made an Instagram post despairing of what to write in our blogs. Nancy Larman who wrote the words for our last book 'Living Life Beautifully' suggested this:
Late to this party but I would like to see a completely random list of things you love and also a random list of things you hate.  Have always thought you’re the most Mitfordian person I know in real life. Please do it 😂❤️
So Here is a small List of things I love:

Cow Parsley and old boats
Pink Plates on Catherine Rose Wallpaper
Laying the table properly even though it is only for two
My vegetable plot I always think that a flat one would be nice, though
weeding up hill is probably a good thing.
Spring days when the sky is blue
Too many sweet peas
Children intent on serious pursuits 
Laundry drying outside on a washing line
Working from Home and making books
Simon Brown photographing 'Living Life Beautifully' beautifully.
Well behaved puppies and old dogs
Growing flowers and vegetables from seed
Transformations from this
To this
A tidy office with real curtains these are Mary in blue by C&R
Shopping in real shops
A box of colour - doesn't matter what sort as long as it doesn't need sharpening
Real letters written with real ink
An empty beach
Landrovers that are as old as I am and still work


I could go on and on and perhaps one day I will, there is so much to love.    


There are two things I hate though, the wasteful manufacture of too many cheap clothes, but this would mitigate it somewhat.......



and a pesky little virus called Corona.


Until next time


xxx Christina xxx