January 13, 2024

Where Our Fabrics Come From


 Wool from Italy

Winter Warmers


We pride ourselves in our beautiful coats, hand made in the UK from the finest textiles we can source from the UK and Italy.

British Wool

Navy lambswool, soft to the touch and created by a heritage mill that has been manufacturing for nearly 200 years in the north of England, textured and weathered wool made in Italy by a fine and specialised mill who have decades of experience and work with some of the world's most iconic brands. 

We cut each piece of a coat by hand, just outside of Cambridge, UK. They are constructed, sewn & lovingly finished by a team of skilled craftspeople. A lot of love goes into each piece with the aim to keep you warm and feeling special every time you wear one of our coats.

We don't compromise on our construction, each piece uses generous amounts of fabric, so you will swish, float and most likely be stopped in the street to be asked where your coat came from. 

We want your coat to last for decades, we will replace your buttons if they come loose, we want you to wear your coat in the garden, on muddy walks or to many special events.

 British Wool


Founded in 1837, we have worked with one of the oldest, family run mills in Britain to produce our softest navy lambs wool. We use ethically sourced wool from the UK and around the world to create our tailoring fabrics. It is one of the last remaining vertical mills in Britain.

Italian Wool 


Italian Looms


We have been fortunate enough to work with a small mill in the heart of Tuscany where the looms operate next to the design office. Constructing creative fabrics, the team are at the forefront of fabric finishing, sourcing the finest raw materials and constructing them in a way that produces exquisite fabrics for C&R.

 Italian Wool


It is a huge responsibility to make new things. We have managed to find a wonderful French mill who recycles fabrics, soft, cosy and better for us all.

Recycled Brocade