November 13, 2022

So Long, Farewell

A note from Christina


Sometimes, you can stop and hear the news. Sometimes the news will be devastating, sometimes the news can be seen as the greatest gift of a lifetime.

I have been given such a gift. 

A swiftly spreading silly cancer has invited itself into my life and within a matter of weeks has made itself at home. 

Luckily, possibly because its name is ‘small cell’ it is being ignored by me and causes me not a dot of pain, occasional discomfort soon mended with the genius of modern medicine and my beautiful, delicious life continues, albeit at a slightly slower pace, but nevertheless the past 20 days have been perfect in every way.

I know where I am going, and I know how it will happen and my soul is at peace, my head is already in heaven and I am completely surrounded by my most beautiful family and a million friends.

So there you have it, I am not long for this beautiful earth, but here I want to say these things.

Thank you to every supporter of Cabbages & Roses, champions, customers, makers, producers, designers, Cabbage Roses past, present and future.

We are well prepared to continue to give you the magic that fills your wardrobes and furnishes your homes. My dearest family and ‘bosses’, my heavenly daughter Kate and her husband Chris who have been a core part of Cabbages for the last 10 years and continually amaze me with their enthusiasm and understanding of what being a Cabbage means. 

Even before this devastating news was broken we welcomed back Violet Dent to fill my designer-ey shoes so I could take a less hands on role. Your wardrobes will continue to be re-invented, re-freshed, re-sold, re-cycled, re-bought and revived season after season.  

Cabbages & Roses has beauty and kindness in its DNA – that will never be lost. 

Violet was my first design assistant, daughter of Brigette Buchanan – birth mother with me of Cabbages & Roses – and forever a champion, supporter and dearly beloved friend. 

Look after my Cabbage and Strutt family, continue to support them on their road to even greater success today, tomorrow, and way way into the future. 

With love, with gratitude, with thanks. 


Boconnoc House 

Our Founders, Brigitte Buchanan & Christina Strutt


Thank you Dave Taraeskevics & Patric Woodroffe