May 03, 2020

At Home under Lockdown a Tour of the Home Office

Here I am, after 52 days.  I have not spoken to a human face not called Strutt for all this time.


Within these walls, that have been home for 40 years, filled to the brim with small treasures, now covered in cobwebs and dust, I need to learn how to actually see what is in front of my fading, aged eyes.


With this new found grounding, living in the moment, I can see that I would probably be diagnosed as a hoarder, and would need a good deal of therapy to be parted from the odd bits of china, pictures and books that have graced every surface in this old house.



Each piece has a story and most have been on this earth for at least 100 years, still as treasured as they were when they arrived.


This is the room I have been looking at and working from for 52 days, apart thankfully from days I am working in the garden.




Having created a beautiful work room in the tree house, it has now been converted into a school room for the little ones, so I am back at the kitchen table, which I secretly prefer.




An expert at procrastination, I went to pick some bounty from the garden to  add to the chaos in the house and avoid writing a blog.



There are a million books and magazines in my WFH office, as well as piles of paper and drawings and of course a few candles for power cuts and long kitchen dinners when friends are allowed to visit again.



I don't have it in me to tidy or clear or clean so these are photographs of real life.


My thoughts are diverted to painting the whole kitchen white including the floor andchanging the 15 year old curtains for beautiful white linen  printed with Pink Hatley.



From the existing French Toile curtains that have served very well.


Or should I wait until we can make this into a fabric



Or wallpaper?



Chaos in the kitchen but I do love wisteria in a bucket of cow parsley I picked it from here.



A lovely photograph of the re-cycling waggon and two sweet dogs, Wilfred and Walter.



These old curtains were bought from a Colefax & Fowler sale probably 30 years ago.



I hope you are all safe and well and Staying at home with buckets of cow parsley.


Until next time