March 20, 2020

A Taste of Things to Come Spring 2020

How to do this?
As we are all incarcerated in our homes, apart from the heroic health workers, the post men, the supermarket workers, the bin collectors, the teachers, the scientists, the cleaners, the police force, the shelf stackers, check out clerks, the carers - I could go on. 

First, we want to thank all those people and others who are acting so selflessly, our gratitude is endless. You can also volunteer to help HERE. You don't need to leave the house to help.

Apart from awaiting instructions, my other job, is to gather all of the work of Cabbages & Roses which we have been doing for the past year, and do my very best to sell it.

Although it may seem a trivial occupation today, whilst so many are ill or fearing becoming ill, it is important to keep our little company going. All those employed by us are far reaching, from the makers to the delivery drivers, and all of us in our home offices and our brave and wonderful team at Midhurst (which is currently shut).

So here it is - a small selection of what we will have on line from the beginning of April, at:

We hope you enjoy seeing the results of 2 photo shoots, with Claudia Legge and our cast of  ever patient models (made even more beautiful by Violet Dent) as well as the calm and beautiful photos by Jamie Scott Long & Sarah Lee. 


Presenting Spring and Summer 2020

As always we are making in small numbers, so if there is anything you would like to reserve before it is on line, please  email our customer services department, to be added to the waiting list, we are here for you, working from home.

We hope you like what you see.


The Diana coat dress in cotton and silk mix worn with the organic jersey Hulu Hoodie


Worn here with the Jacob skirt in green cotton silk.


The Alex Dress with the Diana Coat in silky self stripe


Front pocket detail in the Alex dress


The Angelica coat in candy stripe drill with patchwork smock and High Waisted trousers and Linen Waistcoat


The Angelica coat in candy stripe denim


The Donna dress worn over the Frieda top in our new Grace Print - made from organic cotton


The Grace print


The Laura dress in Blake printed onto cotton organza


The Emmy Coat made from washed natural linen


The Herman Dress made from organic cotton jersey


The Constance skirt in floral cotton worn with the Hamish sweater


The Fred dress in Grace print with organza skirt, collar and cuffs


The Pamplona Dress in Blake printed onto cotton organza with the Splendid Cardigan


The Doris Dress in Blue Hatley printed onto white cotton


The Pia dress in floral cotton layered over the Herman dress in red stripe


The Valetta dress in silky dark navy self stripe and Dee


The Tessa over dress in candy stripe washed drill worn over the New Edwardian dress and A line t shirt in blue stripe


The Peggy Dress in pale pink and white stripe cotton and Wilfred


The Cathy dress made from silky self stripe in dark navy


Kagoul coats in bright yellow and navy British waxed cotton


Kagoul in washed candy stripe drill