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Thank you for visiting our website. We are a small, family run business and we design extraordinary, beautiful and unique lifestyle products in the UK.

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  • Notes on a collection

    Notes on a collection
    Creating a collection for Cabbages & Roses is always an exercise in at once looking forward and gazing back over our shoulders to golden days past. Squinting into the sun as we usher in a new season ripe with possibility is the hope-giving stuff of spring renewal. Our abiding sensibility, meanwhile, always pulls us back, drawing our imaginations into beautiful lives lived, now and then.
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  • Spring Boot Camp

    boots to wear with spring dresses

    The happy co-existence of the pretty with the practical, each jogging along in easy harmony beside one another, has been a rich seam of inspiration ever since Cabbages & Roses took shape around our kitchen table. An abiding refrain, it is there through everything, a constant nodded to in our name, breathed into our bones and stitched into our fabric: the marriage of the honest and hardworking cabbage with the decorative rose has always been at the crux of who we are.

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